2-Piece Sofa Set Jade Cappuccino


2-Seater Sofa Medium + 2-Seater Sofa Big

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Sofa Set Jade

Elegance and Comfort in Three Variations. Straightforward style that can be combined as desired. The perfect headrest to relax. Do you like the Jade model? We offer you the back-friendly sofa in different shades of colours and three different compositions. Find out which variation suits you best.

Available measures
Cover material
Material composition

2 Sitzer Medium – 2 Packstücke
197cm x 92cm x 113cm – 72,9kg
21cm x 30cm x 30cm – 1,7kg

2 SitzerBig – 2 Packstücke
220cm x 92cm x 116cm – 77,1kg
21cm x 30cm x 30cm – 1,7kg