A Designer We Trust:
Marc Rinaldi

At Calizza Interiors, we unite two worlds in the work of one person: our designer Marc Rinaldi. As a German with Italian roots, he draws on an enormous creative wealth and is characterised by his appreciation for tradition and his openness to new ideas. Marc Rinaldi designs our collections and pays attention to the greatest possible variety of details. He finds the best and most beautiful solutions: designer sofa bed, living area or back-friendly seating furniture, etc.

Marc Rinaldi, the designer.

Design—the Big Challenge

Design is more than just a combination of shapes and colours; it is a philosophy. It means going beyond just perceiving the world passively, but actively helping to shape it. This applies in particular to the personal environment. Fortunately, we have a choice: do we just fill in the space available to us? Or do we create a home that we fill with beautiful and cosy things?

Modern Sofas
developed in Germany

Calizza Interiors stands for modern sofas of high quality, developed in Germany. High-quality materials and sustainable production go hand in hand with modern design and a fair price-performance ratio. The simple lines of our collections also reflect our appreciation for the simple things and the aesthetics of everyday life. We design every upholstered suite from the point of view of comfort, timelessness and functionality. Seating furniture from Calizza Interiors should not only be beautiful to look at, but, above all, also offer relaxation and comfort.