About us.

Calizza – We Value Craftsmanship

Calizza Interiors is a brand of the traditional German manufacturer Dietsch. Originally developed from a simple furniture workshop at the end of the 19th century, Dietsch has been producing quality sofas for generations and has passed on knowledge of traditional craftsmanship. The family business has created something new with Calizza Interiors.

Luxury Has to Be Comfortable

Traditional upholstery crafts developed in Germany, representing the roots of the family business, are very important in the company. Most people’s everyday lives have changed a lot over the past few decades. On the one hand, the demand for practical and space-saving seating furniture increased with limited living space. On the other hand, most employees spend their day sitting down and therefore suffer from back or joint problems. That is why Calizza Interiors has set itself the goal of producing practical and ergonomic furniture that makes everyday life easier and not more complicated.

This Is What Sets Us Apart from Mass Production

In this day and age, it is easy to buy cheap furniture. But we do not see ourselves in competition with mass production because we are not convinced of this principle. Companies that outsource the manufacturing process or use inferior materials are giving up control of their products and cannot possibly guarantee customers the best goods.

Regional and Sustainable

At Calizza Interiors, we work differently: the quality sofas are planned and put together in the Thuringian Forest. This means that we do not hand over any important steps of the process and we can always provide information about the creation of our seating furniture. Strict quality controls guarantee both the use of high-quality materials and sustainable production. As a company, we are aware of our responsibility; far be it from us to pollute people or the environment with our products.

Premium Seating Furniture

In particular, our seating furniture is characterised by the combination of quality and functionality: Maximum comfort comes first with seating furniture. But the design should not be neglected either. People are shaped by their surroundings – that is why we make it our mission to make these surroundings a little more beautiful every day.

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