Calizza Interiors: Our Collections

Sofa ensembles. Living comfort. Individual furnishing. The Calizza Interiors collections are unique and originate from the creations of our in-house designer Marc Rinaldi. We admire his straightforward minimalism, his cosmopolitan aesthetics, and his flair for people’s needs. Take a look at Calizza Interiors: Marc Rinaldi has created a collection of upholstered suites that are characterised by warm colours, simple lines and comfortable features. Bring luxury into your home!

Was Sie brauchen

Calizza Interiors bietet Designsofas in aufregenden Variantionen. Ob Sie nach einer klassischen Sofalandschaft, einem praktischen Designschlafsofa oder einem Sofa mit ergonomischen Rückenformpolster suchen – bei uns finden Sie die Möbel, die zu Ihnen passen. Außerdem finden Sie: Elegantes italienisches Design. Eine klare Formensprache und eine langlebige Qualität.

What You Need

Calizza Interiors offers design sofas in exciting variations. Whether you are looking for a classic sofa, a practical designer sofa bed, or a sofa with an ergonomically shaped back—you will find the furniture that suits you in our collections. You will also find an elegant Italian design offering a long-lasting quality.

What Defines Our Furniture

All multifunctional sofas are handmade. Since we produce both regionally and sustainably, you can be sure that we only use materials that take people and the environment into account. All of our furniture has been awarded the “Golden M” recognition and promises maximum comfort. Since many of our customers suffer from back problems, our ergonomic-shaped back cushions provide a remedy.

Multifunctional Sofas
—Comfortable to Use and Easy to Care For

Are you looking for the perfect couch for the living room? Are you seeking for a designer sofa bed? Calizza Interiors offers a selection of all-rounder models, multifunctional sofas that do a lot: a bed that can be folded out, headrest adjustment, motorised relaxation function and ergonomic backrest upholstery. All Calizza Interiors models are available in different colours. We use high-quality microfibre for the covers: comfortable to use and easy to care for.

Why Quality Pays Off

The artisanal production of our furniture pays off. In the truest sense of the word: benefit from the five-year guarantee as well as the price advantage through direct shipping from the manufacturer. In addition, something that has been designed to be timeless cannot go out of style—those who appreciate subtle design and Mediterranean flair will find what they are looking for in the Calizza Interiors collections.