2-Seater Sofa Opal Anthracite

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2-Seater Sofa Opal

The Opal model is based on the typical design of the Calizza Interiors collection: clear lines and subtle design go hand in hand with the necessary comfort. This relaxation sofa does not require complex gadgets and yet offers everything you need: the comfortable upholstery guarantees a relaxed posture.

Keep It Simple yet
With Different Options

Opal is available either as a two-seater or as a corner combination. The two-seater without the bed feature is available in three sizes. With the bed feature, the two-seater is available in only one size.

The corner combination is either oriented to the right or to the left. Although it does not include a bed feature, you can choose the corner combination with storage space. The folding stool belonging to Opal is an additional storage option.

All variations of Opal are available in different colours as well as with the two microfibre cover options: Bolus and Brisbane.

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2-Sitzer Big 215 (1 Packstück: 174x96x106cm – 43kg)
2-Sitzer Medium 195 (1 Packstück: 194x97x104cm – 55kg)
2-Sitzer Small 175 (1 Packstück: 216x97x104cm – 68kg)

Schlafsofa Big 215 (3 Packstücke: 103x64x19cm – 10,3kg; 147x97x103cm – 81kg; 103x64x19 – 10,3kg)
Schlafsofa Medium 195 (3 Packstücke: 103x64x19cm – 10,3kg; 169x97x103 – 119,6; 103x64x19 – 10,3kg)
Schlafsofa Small 175 (3 Packages: 103x64x19cm – 10,3kg; 189x97x103 – 96,8; 103x64x19 – 10,3kg)